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Aquarius 2012 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

In 2012 Aquarius expects to feel sensitive, over cautious, indecisive and maybe melancholic due to the negative impact from Neptune. On the other hand you will be protected by Jupiter which means you will eventually pass through your difficulties and achieve your goals. During the second half of the year you need to overcome the negative impact from Saturn in order to achieve success.


For single Aquarius you will be troubled by relationships throughout the year. From May to the end of 2012 you will have more opportunities to meet someone. Try to be firm and sensible, as you may feel confused by different opportunities.

For Aquarius in a relationship you may feel stressed when you are with the other party. There will be communication problems in your relationship. During the 2nd half of the year the tense situation will improve. Try to be more open to each other. In addition you need to be able to resist the temptation from outside.

Money Management

Aquarius needs to keep an eye on financial management in 2012. There expects to be ups and downs . Try to take more time to investigate before making an investment. The first half of the year is good time for Aquarius to invest. In autumn more opportunities will come up. From October on Aquarius' financial condition expects to stabilize.

Academic Guidance

At the beginning of 2012 especially in February and March your study efficiency needs to improve as you make little progress in school. It may get worse in April. In summer the situation expects to improve and you will start doing well in exams. In autumn you will make a lot of progress and your good performance will continue till the end of the year.


For Aquarius looking for a job 2012 will not be the best year. During the first half of the year there are very few opportunities and you find it very hard to find a satisfying job. Your luck will improve during the second half of the year especially after July and August.

For Aquarius working in the office, you expect to have a very busy working life in 2012. However your work efficiency may drop as you feel restless at times. Try to concentrate more. On the other hand your work efficiency will improve after August.


It is very important for Aquarius to keep a healthy life style in 2012. Watch out for any problems linked to circulation, kidneys or heart. Keep a balanced diet and watch out for any earache, tinnitus and diarrhoea symptoms. January, July and October are the months that Aquarius may feel a bit weak.


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