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Aquarius 2013 Yearly Outlook

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Aquarius (January 21-February 18)

Overall fortune

2013 expects to be full of opportunities for Aquarius. Single Aquarius expects to fall in love and you expect to spend more time on making friends and communicating with others.

Thanks to the influence from Sun, Uranus and Neptune, Aquarius expects to win support from family and friends both at work and at home in 2013. You will encounter more opportunities, such as making new friends. Those new friends may be able to offer you help or support that you need. Be confident about the future and also pay attention to your health.


Aquarius expects to be full of passion in 2013. You will always try your best to make your partner happy. Try to think from your partner's perspective as well as your own. There may be conflicts in your relationship from time to time; be considerate and try to listen to your partner more. For single Aquarius, be patient and you will meet someone that you like.

Money management

Though there may be problems, Aquarius expects to have a steady financial status in 2013. Between May and August, you should be careful when making investments. After autumn, your financial status expects to be become more favourable. Try to grasp the opportunities when they come up.

Academic Guidance

Aquarius may lack focus on study sometimes in 2013. You should learn time management and not spend too much time on entertainments. In May there is lots of pressure in school. In June your need to work harder. After autumn the situation will improve. During this period, you will also receive help from your teachers.


in 2013 Aquarius expects to make good progress at workplace. Due to the impact of Saturn, you may find it harder to spend time on things that you like. You expect to work very hard and your efforts will pay off. Try to resist temptations and avoid unnecessary worries and trouble. Be careful when you deal with difficult matters.


It is important for Aquarius to pay attention to aliments related to circulation, kidney and heart. You may feel a bit weak in January, July and October. But overall Aquarius enjoys good health in 2013. Stay optimistic and try to maintain a balanced diet.

Strength Strength & Weakness Weakness

Strength: Free-minded, creative, forward-looking, independent, honest, inquisitive, kind, honest, dependable, and observant

Weakness: Lack passion, too idealistic, changeable, suspicious, can be stubborn and unsociable


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