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Aquarius 2018 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

2018 expects to be an eventful year for Aquarius. Try to stay positive and build a good relationship at work. Overall it is necessary for Aquarius to plan carefully before making an investment decision. Try to make the most use of your situation and avoid comparing yourself with others.


January and February are good months for Aquarius in terms of relationship. For single Aquarius it is likely that you will meet someone you like. Try to pace the relationship. For Aquarius in a relationship, your relationship expects to be very smooth with your partner. Try to stay rational. For Aquarius who works away from home, it is important to communicate more with your partner.

Money management

For Aquarius in teaching or work in training fields, you expect to increase the source of your income as your fame increases. Try to pay attention to your spending habit. For Aquarius in creative fields you expect to be very active at the beginning of 2018. Owing to the influence from Mars, Aquarius expects to act cautiously during the second half of the year. Try to stay positive when facing problems or challenges.

Academic Guidance

Aquarius may find it hard to concentrate on study at the beginning of 2018. Thanks to the protection from Venus and Mercury, you are likely to use your self-discipline to help you overcome challenges. Aquarius expects to perform well in June and July. Try to stay consistent. Overall for Aquarius, 2018 may be a year to learn new skills.


In 2018 January is a good month for Aquarius to enter into a business partnership. Try to take initiatives at work and spend more time on self-improvement, other than trying to please others. In February, you may find work challenging at times. Try to cope with pressure in a productive way. Overall it is necessary for Aquarius to stay focused and optimistic. With your focus and positive energy, 2018 expects to be a fruitful year.


Aquarius may feel low at times in 2018. Try to take time off from work and relax more. It is maybe a year to learn new things, do more physical exercises, and join more outdoor activities. Try to pay attention to your food hygiene and diet routine. Try to take more vitamins and avoid raw and cold food where possible.


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