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Aquarius and Pig Personality




Aquarius-Pig is brave, passionate and very cool-headed.

You can be argumentative and offensive in a debate.

Aquarius-Pig has many friends and likes to attract attention. You can not take on failure very well.

Overall you have a very pleasant temperament. You can be changeable.


Aquarius-Pig can be boastful when making friends.

To be Aquarius-Pig's ideal partner, you need to be considerate, cool-headed and very forgiving.


Aquarius-Pig gets along well with Rabbit and Goat, especially Aries-Rabbit, Aries-Goat, Gemini-Rabbit, Gemini-Goat, Libra-Rabbit, Libra-Goat, Sagittarius-Rabbit and Sagittarius-Goat.

Aries-Tiger also suits you well.

Try to avoid Taurus-Snake, Leo-Snake, Scorpio-Snake and Taurus-Horse.


Aquarius-Pig has great ambitions.

Suitable professions for Aquarius-Pig are film celebrity, champion, opera celebrity, president and team leader.

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