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Aquarius Female Personality Traits

Born Jan 20~Feb 18Ruling PlanetUranus
SymbolThe Water BearerElementAir
Basic TraitI KnowClosest MetalAluminum and Uranium
Lucky DaySaturdayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesBusy places and citiesLucky Numbers4, 8
Lucky ColorAquamarine, Electric Blue and Turquoise
Lucky FlowersOrchids
Lucky GemsAquamarine
Ruling GoldGreek-Ouranos Roman-Ouranos
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Overall Personality Traits

An Aquarius woman is faithful and loyal towards family and friends.

She enjoys freedom and loathes sacrificing her freedom for anyone. She perceives position and power more important then money. She can be friends with anyone who is sincere and honest.

An Aquarius woman demand respect and in return she will be very respectful towards you. She has a loving and sweet nature. She is always a good listener whenever you need one.

An Aquarius female enjoys social life as well as being on her own. Always try to be nice to her. She is often different from others. But once you get to know her, you will find she has a very appealing personality.


An Aquarius woman tends to be very subtle and gentle in a relationship. Be courteous if you want to win her attention and affection.

An Aquarius female is gentle, caring and supportive. She rarely becomes jealous because she fully trusts her partner.

Do not cheat on her even if you find the relationship is not working. Being open, honest and sincere is the key to wining an Aquarius woman's forgiveness.

An Aquarius woman will never become dishonest in a relationship. She lives in the present and prefers to follow her own feelings.

To be an Aquarius woman's partner, you need to remember to give her enough space. Things such as suspicion, jealousy or possessiveness often turn her off.

Take good use of an Aquarius woman's insight and intuition, because they are often right.

Be patient with an Aquarius woman. In return she will be your faithful partner for the rest of your life.

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