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Aquarius Kid Personality Traits

Born Jan 20~Feb 18Ruling PlanetUranus
SymbolThe Water BearerElementAir
Basic TraitI KnowClosest MetalAluminum and Uranium
Lucky DaySaturdayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesBusy places and citiesLucky Numbers4, 8
Lucky ColorAquamarine, Electric Blue and Turquoise
Lucky FlowersOrchids
Lucky GemsAquamarine
Ruling GoldGreek-Ouranos Roman-Ouranos
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An Aquarius child can be a mystery in his/her parents' eyes.

He/She has a changeable temperament. He/She can be sensitive and shy at one time, but very brave and impulsive at another. As his/her parents it is important for you to spend time and effort to nurture his/her personality. Never try to focus your opinion onto an Aquarius child.

You should always give an Aquarius child plenty of space. A child requires time to think. You should therefore be always patient.

An Aquarius child likes to reason and prefers to use logic when making a decision.

He/She always has lots of friends and he/she never hesitates to help anyone who is in need. An Aquarius child likes to dream and he/she can never stop dreaming or pursuing his/her dreams. For him/her life is always full of excitement and hopes

An Aquarius can be absent minded. Therefore you need to help him/her concentrate when he/she is a child. He/She is very intelligent. A little guidance from his/her parents can make him/her the best student in school.

He/She can be forgetful at times but he/she is very intuitive. You should try to teach an Aquarius child to think in a logical order, and help him/her understand things that he/she can't make out himself/herself.

An Aquarius child enjoys nature and you should always try to take him/her out. The open air can help him/her build up his/her positive attitude towards life.

Always remember to encourage an Aquarius child when he/she is discouraged. Pay attention to the way you express yourself in front of him/her because he/she is a sensitive child. An Aquarius child loves people and loves to dream. Encourage him/her and he/she will turn into a great man!

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