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Aquarius Male Personality Traits

Born Jan 20~Feb 18Ruling PlanetUranus
SymbolThe Water BearerElementAir
Basic TraitI KnowClosest MetalAluminum and Uranium
Lucky DaySaturdayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesBusy places and citiesLucky Numbers4, 8
Lucky ColorAquamarine, Electric Blue and Turquoise
Lucky FlowersOrchids
Lucky GemsAquamarine
Ruling GoldGreek-Ouranos Roman-Ouranos
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Overall personality traits

An Aquarius man is easy-going, approachable and has a very warm heart.

It is hard for him to dislike anyone. An Aquarius man is caring but sometimes he may become inquisitive and nosy towards other people's life.

An Aquarius man enjoys changes in life. Overall he has a calm and composed temperament. He often hides his emotions well.

An Aquarius man likes to solve mysteries. He is selfless and often very broad-minded and genuine. He enjoys helping others. But on the other hand he detests those who try to take advantage of him.

He can be very defensive or even hostile when he finds out someone is not worthy his attention.


An Aquarius man is very attentive in a relationship.

Though he never goes extremes to pursue you, he can be romantic and charming in his own way of attracting your attention.

An Aquarius man does not like getting married. To be his partner you need to be patient, forgiving and very open-minded. Do not try to provoke an Aquarius man by flirting with another man, because it will never work.

An Aquarius man often has full trust towards his partner in a relationship. In return he is loyal and will never cheat on you.

Never become an extravagant wife because he won't like it. An Aquarius man is a caring father. He often encourages his children's imagination. He is patient and helpful when with his children.

As his partner, you should try to be there to support him when he needs it. In return he will do the same to you.

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